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Middle School
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Gator High School

See the world's smartest gators right here in Michigan!  Tom is the big alpha male that rules our largest pond. These Alligators are not only taught their names but also how to respond to several different word commands, colors, and objects.  On a good day you may even hear some of them talk!

The Middle School - Outdoor Swamp

This is a great place for adolescent gators to swim and bask as they enter into adulthood.  Many different social behaviors can be observed here, such as territorial posturing and bellowing.


This is a very popular feeding area so be sure to pickup exta gator food before heading out to this swamp!


Elementary - Outdoor Swamp


Nearly every gator at the Alligator Sanctuary begins a new life here, living among many turtles and other 3-5 year old gators. Look for colorful camoflauge striping among the young gators, for this is your indicator of a newly arrived resident.  Feeding here is always a treat.  Small gator pellet food is available to purchase in the gift shop.

Godzilla & Medusa

Godzilla & Medusa


Our biggest gators Godzilla is an 11 foot alligator with a HUGE bite!  Medusa is a 9 foot female with a SINISTER stare!  Head up to the elevated viewing area over the habitat for a bird's eye view of these incredible creatures!

Jungle of the Amazon

Jungle of the Amazon - Greenhouse


Under the canapy of dozens of tropical plants, see crocodilians, lizards, giant toads, river fish, tree frogs, praying mantis, and a special plant that responds to touch.  Temperatures in here can bequite high so be prepared to glisten!

Alligator Pre-School

Alligator Pre-School & Covered Swamp


Sometimes alligators come to the sanctuary at an extremely young age, an age which in the wild would see them being protected and nurtured by a protective mother gator.  These gators are under 3 years old and need special care, and most importantly the protection from predatory birds such as the Great Blue Heron.  

African Tortoise

Giant African Spur-Thigh Tortoise

Giant Sulcatas roam the plains of the sanctuary, grazing and exploring the grass land.  See how they dig their own tunnels and caves to escape the surface during chilly days and dark nights.

Tortoises will be housed indoors until JUNE.

Gazebo & Observation Deck

Gazebo & Upper Level Observation Deck


The Gazebo includes lots of bench seating and a feeding area just above a gator filled pond.  Wheelchair accessible ramps allow easy access both on and off the platform.  

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LYLE from the Nile

Lyle the Nile Crocodile


Lyle is a 6 foot Nile Crocodile.  He was rescued from New York in 2017. He loves to stare at visitors while laying in the sand next to his pond. 

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