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Groups of all ages can participate in fun programs at your School, Library, Community Space or Home.  We can also accomodate large groups here at the Alligator Sanctuary.


Explore the biology and history of many different reptiles and amphibians in a fun presentation catered to your age group. Presentations include live interactions with several species including American Alligator, Sulcata Tortoise, Cane Toad, Bearded Dragon, Corn Snake, Ball Python, Tree Frog, Red Tail Boa Constrictor


Animals communicate in many different ways, both vocal and non-vocal.  We demonstrate many of these abilities and show how they are able to "talk" to each other.   By learning their language, we can "talk" with them and create lasting relationships.  


Our presentations include many different activites and fun demonstrations which showcase reptile communication.  


Reptiles of today are descended from species that have survived through many different periods of Earth's history, from ice ages to tropical heat.  By observing the many abilities and adaptations of reptiles we can get a glimpse into our planet's past, and use that knowledge to help us to understand changes in nature and how we co-exist with all the essential forms of life around us.



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