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Together we can make a difference.


Whether you are looking to expand your company's marketing reach or create some great PR buzz, the Alligator Sanctuary is a great place to show your support for conservation, natural sciences, and education.  We are one of the fastest growing attractions in the Midwest and offer many unique experiences to thousands of visitors every year.   We are proud to present exhibits that are the only of their kind in this part of the world.  By sponsoring an exhibit, you will create a strong emotional bond with your target audience by supporting an operation that is loved by people of all ages.

Class / Group

Group Sponsorship is a great way for your school, team, scout troop, church, library, or class to contribute to a great cause.  Your group will be displayed on permanent relic at the park in a memorable exhibit.


Family Sponsorships are a great way to show your tribe's support for the Alligator Sanctuary.  By placing your family's name on a permanent artifact at the park, you will forever be remembered as one of our most appreciated partners in reptile conservation.


As an Individual sponsor, we give you a chance to not only contribute to a cause you care deeply about, but also cement your place in history as someone who made a difference.  Every visitor to the park will see your name on a permanent artifact and know that you cared. 

Small Company

We offer small businesses the opportunity to reach well beyond their local customer base by sponsoring our exhibits and events.  We offer annual and multi-year contracts at an affordable price.   Your company name or logo will be highly visible to all who visit the park.

Large Company

Southwest Michigan is home to some great global partners.  As an ambassador to the world, it is important that your company associates with other organizations that are of great benefit to all.  The Alligator Sanctuary combines entertainment, science, and conservation in a way that leaves an overwhelmingly positive impression on our community.  We offer annual and multi-year contracts that places your company name as a major contributer and supporter of specific exhibits and events. 

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